Dual Mission in Research and Service

As a major imaging resource for the university, BIAC strives for excellence in its dual mission of research and service. BIAC faculty members are leaders in imaging methodology development, in analysis techniques, as well as in their application in cognitive and clinical neurosciences. In addition, BIAC offers imaging service to other imaging faculty members on campus and at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill.

Our research is organized in three groups: Imaging and Analysis Methodology (Chen, Harshbarger, Liu, MacFall, Soher, Song, Truong, Voyvodic), Translational Neuroimaging (Angold, Belger, Browndyke, Dichter, DeBellis, Egger, Lascola, McClernon, Morey, Petrella, Wang, Zucker), and Cognitive Neuroimaging (Adcock, Brannon, Cabeza, Chee, Huettel, LaBar, Madden, McCarthy, Strauman, Woldorff).

Our service core is coordinated by Amanda Griffin (Business Administration), Jim Voyvodic (Technical Operations), Todd Harshbarger (MRI Scanner Operations), and Francis Favorini (Information Technology Director).