Joe McClernon, Ph.D.[Edit Page]

Associate Professor

B.A., 1992, Rockhurst University (Psychology)

M.A., 1998, SIU-Carbondale (Clinical Psychology)

Ph.D., 2001, SIU-Carbondale (Clinical Psychology)

Recent Publications

McClernon, F. J., Kozink, R. V., Lutz, A. M., & Rose, J. E. (2009). 24-hr smoking abstinence potentiates fMRI-BOLD activation to smoking cues in cerebral cortex and dorsal striatum. Psychopharmacology, 204, 25-35.


McClernon, F. J., Kozink, R. V., & Rose, J. E. (2008). Individual differences in nicotine dependence, withdrawal symptoms and sex predict transient fMRI-BOLD responses to smoking cues. Neuropsychopharmacology, 33, 2148-2157. 


McClernon, F. J., Hutchinson, K. E., Rose, J. E., & Kozink, R. V. (2007). DRD4 VNTR polymorphism is associated with transient fMRI-BOLD responses to smoking cues. Psychopharmacology, 194, 433-441. 


McClernon, F. J., Hiott, F. B., Liu, J., Salley, A. N., Behm, F. M., & Rose, J. E. (2007). Selectively reduced responses to smoking cues in amygdala following extinction-based smoking cessation: Results of a preliminary fMRI study. Addiction Biology, 12, 503-512. 


Gilbert, D. G., Sugai, C., Zuo, Y., Rabinovich, N. E., McClernon, F. J., & Froeliger, B. E. (2007). Brain indices of nicotine's effects on attentional bias to smoking and emotional pictures and to task-relevant targets. Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 9, 351-363. 


Okuyemi, K. S., Powell, J. N., Savage, C. R., Hall, S. B., Nollen, N. L., Holsen, L. M., McClernon, F. J., & Ahluwalia, J. S. (2006). Enhanced cue-elicited brain activation in African American compared to Caucasian smokers: An fMRI study. Addiction Biology, 11, 97-106.  


Levin, E. D., McClernon, F. J., & Rezvani, A. H. (2006). Nicotinic effects on cognitive function: Behavioral characterization, pharmacological specification and anatomic localization. Psychopharmocology, 84, 523-539. 


McClernon, F. J., Hiott, F. B., Huettel, S. A., & Rose, J. E. (2005). Abstinence-induced changes in self-report craving correlate with event-related fMRI responses to smoking cues. Neuropsychopharmacology, 30, 1940-1947. 

McClernon, F. J. & Gilbert, D. G. (2004). Human functional neuroimaging in nicotine and tobacco research: Basics, background, and beyond. Nicotine and Tobacco Research, 6, 941-959.