Scott Huettel, Ph.D.[Edit Page]

Professor and Senior Advisor to the Director

Hubbard Professor and Chair of Psychology and Neuroscience

Ph. D., 1999, Duke University (Experimental Psychology)

Research Interests

neuroeconomics; executive processing; prediction; decision-making; attention; perception; consciousness.

Research Statement

My research investigates executive processing, roughly defined as the top-down control of behavior. I am interested in how prefrontal cortical regions contribute to the dynamic selection of behavior based on moment-to-moment processing of stimulus information. In collaborations with members of the Brain Imaging and Analysis Center, Psychiatry, and Psychology, I examine different forms of executive processing, including decision making, working memory, and response selection. I am also interested in understanding the mechanisms underlying controlled judgment and attention. Recent studies have begun to investigate the relation between decision and reward processes, an emerging research topic coming to be known as "neuroeconomics".

For the past few years, I have also worked on adapting psychological task designs to event-related fMRI, through studies of timing, refractory, and signal-noise properties of the fMRI BOLD hemodynamic response.

Recent Representative Publications


Carter RM, Bowling DL, Reeck CC & Huettel SA (2012, In Press). A distinct role of the temporal-parietal junction in predicting socially guided decisions. Science.


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Duke University Academic Affiliations

Department of Psychiatry, Neurobiology, and Psychology

Center for Cognitive Neuroscience

Center for Neuroeconomic Studies